ENGVT designs chilled water system for food processing

Garelick Farms, a Dean Foods company, operates two of the largest dairy processing facilities in New England in Lynn and Franklin, Massachusetts. Both facilities have aging ammonia compressors serving multiple  glycol and fresh water chillers and ice systems, each with their own piping distribution  systems.

Compressor energy costs are the largest operating cost of both facilities, and the systems were both inefficient and nearing the end of their operational lives.

ENGVT was hired to undertake a central chilled water system master plan encompassing both energy reduction measures and upgrades of equipment to the best available technology.  The work was programmed to be phased over multiple  years, limited by annual capital expense budgets.

ENGVT developed a master plan for replacement of all compressors, condensers, chillers, storage, pumping and distribution systems.  Each measure was evaluated  and ranked for energy reduction potential, available rebates and project ROI for the chilled water system.

ENGVT designed the initial three phases, to include first replacing the aging evaporative condenser systems, then retrofitting VFDs on the largest compressors, and lastly replacement of several failing ice water and glycol chillers.

Annual expenditures average $1.5 million capital per year.

The Franklin installation was installed on a new equipment pad on the exterior of the WWTP. A separate glycol hot water system was designed to distribute the CHP thermal energy to the plant.

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