Critical Process Systems Group (CPS) is a group of manufacturing and design companies providing innovative product solutions to the semiconductor, life science, wastewater, gas systems, research laboratories, and other industrial markets.


We provide a broad range of products & services including liquid, chemical, and gas storage, blending, and delivery control, pre-fabricated high purity process utility modules, corrosive fume exhaust duct, and airflow control devices.


With the breadth of our product offerings and engineering capabilities we can offer broad turnkey solutions or targeted niche products depending on our customer’s needs and desires.



Waste Water Odor Control, Water Treatment

Chemical and Gas Processing

Biotech, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Power / Energy, Solar / Photovoltaic

Mineral Pulp/Paper & Metals Processing

ENGVT Joins Critical Process Systems Group
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BioPharm Engineered Systems new to the Group
Critical Process Systems Group Acquires BioPharm Engineered Systems.

ACvFLO High Purity Gas System

DFS Teamed up with Siemens to develop new modern gas system

UVM | Trinity Campus – Equipment Upgrades

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Semiconductor | Process Piping Distribution Systems

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Garelick Farms| 350kW / 1.5 MMBTU Biogas Microturbine CHP Systems

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Process Utility Capabilities

Life Science Facility Process Utility Solutions
Semiconductor Facility Process Utility Solutions
Gas System Facility Process Utility Solutions