BioPharm Engineered Systems Joins CPS Group

ENGVT supported the University of Vermont with a planning analysis for the Trinity Campus located in Burlington, VT.  

UVM_Modeling3The Trinity Campus was a unique institution at one time until acquired by the adjacent UVM.  The heat generation and distribution equipment on the Trinity campus is separated from the Main campus systems and distribution network.  The existing equipment that serves the Trinity campus is aging and the University hired us to explore capital expenditure options for equipment replacement.  The scope of this study addressed replacement, reconfiguration, energy efficiency measures and renewable options holistically with robust supporting analysis.

UVM_Modeling2ENGVT’s analysis provided valuable feed back
for the university. The study informed capital expenditure decisions through a virtual means and with a flexibility that allowed a broad spectrum of concepts to be explored.  Our flexible approach provided facilities mangers the opportunity to collaboratively explore concepts and configurations without undertaking  massive schematic design efforts.

ENGVT’s process included client survey, site visits, utility bill review, and predictive analysis of upgrade scenarios. Model validation was performed through client input, review of assumptions, and utility bill calibration.  With appropriately validated models, energy efficiency measure analysis presented actionable results.

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